Respite Care is available at Littleinch Erskine Care Centre and you will be able to make a booking in advance by calling the Centre on 0141 812 1119..

You will receive the same level of care and courtesy as permanent residents and you should therefore refer to the information given in the Nursing Care section of this web site.

We understand that moving into a Care Home is a difficult decision to make whether it be short or long term and that many considerations have to be taken into account. Our sympathetic and professional staff are here to listen and help you make sense of your new surroundings. Their primary concern is to ensure that you settle into your new home at a pace that suits you.

It takes time to get to know someone well and no matter how many forms that are filled in it is the little things that often matter most. Like how you prefer to be addressed, how you like your favourite foods prepared and presented, what time you go to bed or get up.  The better we get to know you the better we can provide an excellent quality of care whilst at the same time maintaining your dignity and independence.

In respite care because the length of stay can be short we don’t always get to know as well as we would like. It is therefore even more important for you to keep us informed of your likes and dislikes and any issues that you may be unhappy with.