Please feel free to use the bedroom and personal space as if it were your own home. You may wish to furnish the room how you please or you may simply enjoy the facilities provided. You may not bring in your own bed as all our beds are electric profiling beds designed for your comfort and care. You may decorate the room in the colour of your choice and we will do that for you, however we regret wallpaper is not an option for decoration.

Drinking water is available from the tap at the sink in the en-suite as it is plumbed directly from the mains water supply. If the cold water is warm please run the tap for one or two minutes to allow it to cool as it has a long way to travel through the building. Hot water temperature is controlled from a thermostat mixer valve and is set to 43C. Room temperature is controlled by a thermostatic valve on your radiator or a wall thermostat if your room has under floor heating, feel free to adjust the heating to a comfortable temperature that suits you.

Personal Possessions

Please read the section regarding laundry and labelling. All items of clothing that you bring in should be added to the inventory kept in the Care Plan. All electrical equipment must be electrically tested by our maintenance operative prior to being put to use.


We insure all of your personal property but we must be advised of items of value greater than £100 that you may wish to bring with you and strongly recommend that you make your own insurance arrangements for valuables in excess of this.

We can photograph the item and have a record in the event of loss or damage. There is a safe on the premises for the keeping of valuable items and papers – should you wish to store items in our safe please contact the office. We cannot accept responsibility for property not included in your personal inventory.


Please report any breaks or faults that you find in your room irrespective of how small you think the repair might be. If it not repaired within 7 days of you reporting the problem please contact the Managing Director directly, you do not need to tolerate faulty or malfunctioning equipment or fittings.


Smoking is permitted in only one area and a member of staff must accompany you if you wish to smoke. Staff who accompany you will have already agreed to do so in full knowledge of the dangers of smoking. Your visitors may also use this facility. There is a no smoking policy within the confines of the building.