Our service

In today’s hectic world many families may feel that they have limited options for support when they look after a loved one at home. This is particularly so when the person in need of care is frail, elderly, has a physical disability or is suffering from dementia and they are in need of long term support. This could mean a placement in a care home, employing an outside carer to give the family carer respite time or engaging home care services.

We can offer an affordable alternative. LittleInch Erskine Day Care Care Centre for frail, elderly, disabled, or people with dementia. Our service is aimed at helping people stay in their own homes for as long as possible.

At our Centre in Erskine we provide a Day Care Service in a comfortable safe environment for those who need care . This service means that the main carer at home will have free time to do as they wish in the knowledge that their loved one is safe and secure in the Day Care Centre. We collect clients from their homes and transport them to the Centre in the morning in our own well equipped minibus. On arrival at the Centre clients are welcomed with tea and warm toast following which there are a number of varied activities to join in. A nutritious, well balanced three course lunch is cooked from fresh every day by our own chef. The afternoon is filled with activities and rounded off with tea and home cooking before setting off for home. At the end of the day the client will be assisted to their door and helped safely inside. If the client is alone then we will make sure that they are safe and comfortable in their home before we leave them.

Social contact

Loneliness can be cruel, The Centre offers the opportunity to meet and make new friends or rekindle old acquaintances. Clients can use the opportunity to share the many activities, stimulate senses, feel rejuvenated, have a good blether with a friend and have the best medicine of all – a good laugh.

Recreation & breakaway rooms

There is a varied and interesting activity programme scheduled every day. Gentle exercise, newspaper groups, songs, quizzes, craft work, reminiscence, day trips, crosswords and many many more (not forgetting Bingo!). People are encouraged to join as many as they wish. Clients may wish to relax and watch a movie or a video and we are very happy to take and source requests.

There are a number of rooms for clients to choose from; quiet lounge, relaxation room, library, snooker room, large lounge, hairdresser, conservatory or enjoy the pleasant gardens in fair weather. Clients can sit and read or relax and listen to music if they wish.

If there is an activity that a client would like to introduce we will be happy to include it if is suitable.

Nursing and care

Our staff will work with clients, carers and social workers to develop a Care Plan that will meet the service user’s needs. This will take into account all aspects that affect day to day living to help us tailor the right level of mental and physical stimulation to improve well-being and quality of life. There are experienced, qualified nurses in the building at all times so if a client is unfortunate enough to become unwell whilst attending Day Care, they can rest assured that their immediate needs will be met and that their carer will be alerted. We will only take them home when we know there will be someone there to look after them. Clients and their carers may also seek advice and guidance from the nursing team on issues that affect their attendance at Day Care.


People in day care can choose to manage their own medication unless there is specific legal provision that may prevent this. If medication is managed personally, there will be provision to store this in a lockable cabinet. If needed, there will also be special storage somewhere else e.g. in a fridge that is secure and accessible. If medication must be managed on clients’ behalf, they can be confident that the home has comprehensive systems in place for its safe storage and administration, and for the safe disposal of unused medicines.