You will be treated with the dignity and respect that you would expect in life. We will make every effort to protect your privacy, independence and feelings, emotionally, physically and practically. We respect your opinions, your religion and preferred lifestyle. The element of individual choice is of paramount importance in our care homes. We will encourage you to make independent decisions about your own personal care, medication and daily life based on your needs and wishes. We will always consult your family or friends if you are unable to make your own decisions.


The heating remains on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Radiators heat some areas with other areas heated by an under floor heating system. Temperatures are maintained at a comfortable level but you have the freedom to determine your own comfort level for your room.


LittleInch enjoys an open door policy and relatives and friends are always welcome at a reasonable time. The door entry system operates with a key fob and authorised visitors may request one at the office. There are some conditions attached to the issuing of fobs but rest assured you won’t be kept waiting for someone to answer the door bell.

Mail & Phone Calls

Mail received will be distributed daily. If you want to post any mail, please hand it into the office and we will arrange this for you at the appropriate cost. Telephone calls are charged at cost. You may fit a telephone in your room at your expense, the rooms have all been pre-wired to accommodate this request.

Hotel Services

LittleInch housekeepers work a rota over 7 days; they start with the public rooms, vacuuming and polishing the rooms ready for the residents when they have finished breakfast. Your bedroom and bathroom are cleaned daily. Every bedroom is deep cleaned monthly and the carpet shampooed. If a resident would like to lie in in the morning or you have visitors, we will clean your room at a time convenient for you.


All laundry at LittleInch is done in-house seven days a week. The laundry is equipped with two industrial washing machines and two industrial tumble driers. Residents’ washing is collected on a daily basis, laundered and returned to rooms on the same day or the next at the latest. We use a hot press labelling system on residents’ clothing. These are placed on all garments in a discreet place. Please ask for clothing to be labelled after you are satisfied that you are happy with the garment and before you leave it for use by your relative. We would ask that residents’ clothes be of a suitable material for machine washing and tumble-drying. Machine washable woollens only please and after washing these will be placed on a clotheshorse to dry naturally.


Our hairdresser Pauline, will be happy to dress your hair the way you like it. There is a charge for this service and the charges are detailed in the Residency Agreement. Alternatively you may make your own hairdressing arrangements and you may use the salon in the home.


Family pets are welcome at LittleInch and you are encouraged to bring along your dog or cat. These pets can be very therapeutic for you and others.

Religious Arrangements

All denominational needs are accommodated. Clergy of any denomination are welcome to visit at any time.

Local Community

We feel it is very important to maintain links with the local community. We enjoy good relationships with our neighbours, Rashielee Primary School, the Church and local community groups.