Experienced First Level registered nurses, are in attendance 24 hours a day every day. They are supported by care assistants who are trained to SVQ3 level and registered with SSSC (Scottish Social Services Council). Our team of Health Care Professionals are trained to meet the needs of residents of mixed nursing dependency including intermediate, long term, respite, dementia and palliative care. Personal care and nursing care is provided for residents who have been assessed by their Local Authority social worker and health care professional as requiring 24 hour care. This is provided in a safe, with fully qualified nurses and trained staff to meet any care needs.

Whatever the type of care required, our staff will take the time to discuss individual care plans with residents, family or friends prior to admission and on arrival. This covers practical details such as mobility, medication and personal issues including general preferences and any worries or concerns about the future. Our care plans are continuously assessed and reviewed with the client and their family to ensure that their care needs are being met and that we are offering the very best care and support that we can. It is of paramount importance that our residents feel respected and have their privacy maintained.

You will be treated with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves and we protect your privacy whilst promoting your independence. We will respect your opinions, your religion and preferred lifestyle.


Residents can choose to manage their own medication unless there is specific legal directive that may prevent this. If medication is managed personally, there will be provision to store this in a lockable drawer in each room. There will also be special storage somewhere else, e.g. in a fridge that is secure and accessible. If medication is managed on behalf of residents, you can be confident that the home has comprehensive systems in place for ordering medication and for its safe storage and administration, and for the safe disposal of unused medicines.

Staff are trained to keep accurate, up-to-date records of all the medicines that have been ordered, taken or not taken, and disposed of by way of return to the pharmacy. Staff must respect your wishes if you are capable of understanding the need to take medication and what will happen if you do not do so, and/or refuse to take it.

You may not understand that you need to take medication and what will happen if you do not do so. If so, there are legal powers that allow other people to give permission for you to receive treatment if it is necessary for your health and welfare. The staff will work in line with these legal powers. If you refuse to take the medication and your health is at risk if you do not take it, then and only then, will the staff consider giving you your medicine in a disguised form in line with recognised guidance. Staff must record this in your personal plan.

Doctor (General Practitioner)

Depending on your previous address prior to entering the nursing home, your GP may continue with their services during your stay at LittleInch. However this may not be possible due to distance, in which case the services of GP practices in Renfrew, Bishopton and Erskine may be available.


There is no reason why your own optician cannot come to the home. If this is not possible, the services of a local optician will be engaged. There may be a charge for this service if the optician cannot supply you with an NHS service.


Depending on the location of your dentist, you can retain their services or alternatively a local dentist can provide this service. There may be a charge for this service if the dentist cannot supply you with an NHS Service.


Where we cannot secure the services of an NHS chiropodist, a fully qualified chiropodist will visit the home monthly to attend to your needs. There is a charge for this service and you will find the charge for this service in the residency agreement.