Irvine Watson – Managing Director
Irvine and Christine Watson formed LittleInch Ltd in 1988, opened LittleInch Care Home on 15th January 1990 and Erskine Care Centre on 1st April 2005. Previously, Irvine worked as a director of a Glasgow civil engineering company and as a senior manager with AMEC, the multinational civil engineering, building and mechanical services company. He completed an MBA at the University of Glasgow in 1993 and presently manages the business. Irvine and Christine have three children Andrew, Ian and Katie and three grandchildren, Ruaridh, Aulay and Eli.

Christine Watson – Director
Christine formed LittleInch Ltd in 1988 with Irvine. Christine trained at Scunthorpe General Hospital and as a qualified nurse has made a significant input into the Care Home. Christine is responsible for purchasing across both care homes and takes a keen interest in the welfare of our residents. Christine enjoys spending time with her grandchildren Ruaridh, Aulay and Eli.

All three directors are actively engaged in the operation of the company on a daily basis.

Ellison Fitzsimmons – Finance Manager

Ellison is based in Erskine and handles the accounts for all of our clients and suppliers.

Inchinnan Care Home
Kirsty Goldie – Assistant Manager
Debbie Young – Administrator

Erskine Care Home & Day Care Centre
Sandra Denham – Manager
Kirsty Cartin – Assistant Manager
Janice Stevenson – Administrator

At Inchinnan and Erskine we engage staff in the following disciplines:

First Level Registered Nurses                             Nursing Care Assistant Team Leaders

Nursing Care Assistants                                         Activities Leader

Chef                                                                                    Catering Assistants

Health and Safety Leader                                       Hotel Services Personnel

Maintenance Operative                                          Gardener

Day Care Leader (Erskine)                                    Day Care Assistants (Erskine)

On entering either home look out for the notice board for pictures with names. Staff will also have a name badge with their job title on their uniform, feel free to approach anyone at any time.