Some basic information about our care homes:

Floor Plan and Fire Escape Routes

The fire alarm system is regularly inspected and tested every week. A plan of the building is sited next to the manager’s office and you should take time to familiarise the layout. Don’t worry if you’re not too sure because you can rest assured that all of our staff are trained to ensure your safety in case of emergency.


The heating is controlled by thermostatic valves on radiators or wall thermostats where there is underfloor heating. If you are in a public room please ask the nurse for assistance to alter the temperature.


The cold water supply is taken directly from the mains to all rooms and bathrooms so it is suitable for drinking. Please allow a minute or two for cold water to flow as it may have to travel through the building to get to the outlet you are at. Hot water is controlled and limited to 43oC for your safety.

Public Rooms

There are several public rooms throughout both buildings and you may choose where you wish to be. Staff are at hand in the main lounges at all times.


We are continuously modernising and updating the infrastructure of both homes for your benefit and enjoyment, including the bedrooms. We will do this with the minimum of disruption to all of the people who use the building and only with the co-operation of the occupants of rooms that need work.

Access and Egress

All doors entrance and exit doors are electronically locked, including fire doors. They are linked to the Fire alarm system which will disengage when in an alarm state. A key fob system allows visitors and personnel to enter the building with prior authorisation, otherwise the door will remain locked. The doorbell is linked to the nurse call system so if you do not have a fob staff will know you are waiting so please be patient.


We employ a maintenance operative so if you spot anything that needs attention then please let us know, if it is not attended to with 7 days of reporting please advise the Managing Direct directly.

We have maintenance contracts in place with external contractors for lifts and lifting equipment, fire alarm, emergency lighting, gas equipment, nurse call, hoists, stand aids, beds, baths, overhead lifts, laundry equipment, minibuses, legionnaires disease, and kitchen vents.

Health and Safety

The Company and everyone associated with it has a duty of care in terms of health and safety and if you see anything that could be harmful please report it immediately to Ryan Haylett who is our Health and Safety representative.

Policies and Procedures

We have an extensive list of Policies and Procedures which you are free to inspect, these are reviewed and updated regularly.